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Loft 2How your character reflects your interior …

You enjoy living comfortably, and only with the right furniture and home accessories your house will get the character you feel so at home in.

It breathes life, excitement and sensation in all your spaces, and with the appropriate accessories you give it the finishing touch. With small things you can already cause a big change, giving you the feeling that you are entering a whole new space that reflects your own character. Whether you like a country atmosphere, a vintage feeling or an industrial environment, your interior shows how you are and how you feel. Do you love soft colors and lots of accessories or just simplicity, minimalism and raw materials. You make your own choices and an environment in which you feel comfortable.

Bold, rural, antiques, accessories

Incosi Collections has started by designing and producing furniture in its own collection. Initially only tables and pillars from an industrial design with steel and wood, where the trendy scaffolding boards are central. Then came beautiful plaids and own candlesticks. There is a fine line of home accessories consisting of wreaths, vases and pots, baskets, boxes, bags, blankets, pillows and rugs, candlesticks and candle holders, and not to forget the little doodads. All in a rustic, robust and bold style!

Unique finds
Unieke vondsten

But Incosi also has unique finds in furniture and accessories, consisting of rare pieces! This can be antiques, but also brocante and industrial items that already have a whole life behind them and are definitely worth returning to your interior. Incosi mainly uses natural materials and colors, which provide a tough, rural and industrial, but also luxurious feeling. The hard materials such as steel and concrete provide a robust and austere look that can be further decorated with other textures. Warmth, cosiness and timelessness are central to the collection, where the contrasts in the choice of materials and the right quiet shades provide peace and simplicity. The collection fits nicely into a rural, industrial, modern, Scandinavian, vintage or shabby interior. You can browse around and gain inspiration in the webshop.

Natural materials

Incosi Collections strives to work with as many natural materials as possible that are sustainable. The environmentally conscious production and purchasing also play an important role. Use is therefore made of wood (FSC approved), jute, but also leather, ceramics, steel, cotton, linen, wool and felt.

You might not say, but steel consists for more than 98% of a natural material. The raw material, iron, is one of the most common metals on earth. Steel is not only recyclable, but is also extensively recycled.

Fortunately, sustainability is becoming increasingly important and a conscious choice is increasingly being made to purchase furniture and home accessories that consist of natural materials. And besides the sustainability factor, it is of course also very beautiful, which is also important in Incosi’s collection! Incosi’s collection is made from ecologically sound materials and taxes the environment as little as possible. In the home accessories, for example, there are often handmade products or recycled materials. After a loving refurbishment, furniture also gets a chance to show off and last for years to come.

Finally, I also think it is important that the products have a good price. A beautiful interior does not have to be expensive and I try to get it back in the price. In addition to a beautiful appearance and a tasteful design, the price / quality ratio is paramount. Incosi Collections will therefore in the near future with a number of special products on the market where it is important that they are accessible for every budget.

Have fun with Incosi!

Janneke Wijma
Incosi Collections