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Living in country style with Incosi Collections!

Living is something very personal and Incosi helps you here! Incosi Collections designs and makes furniture in its own collection and carries a beautiful line of home accessories. In addition, unique finds are made that are shared with the enthusiasts. Incosi is characterized by the use of natural materials and colors, which ensure a tough, rural but also luxurious feeling. Hard materials such as steel and concrete give that sharp edge which makes it so interesting. Warmth, conviviality and timelessness are central to the collection, which also works with contrasts in the choice of materials.

A rural interior becomes a “way of living” with Incosi!

Rough and fierce go together with cuddly and soft. The collection includes tables, crates, baskets, pots, vases, linens, rugs and plaids, as well as unique finds that fit nicely into a rural, industrial, vintage or shabby interior.

Living with natural materials and country style decorations

Incosi Collections works with many types of natural materials that you can apply in your home. In addition to using sustainable materials, we also try to work as environmentally conscious as possible. Materials such as wood (FSC approved), reed, bamboo, rope or jute, but also leather, ceramics, steel, cotton, wool and felt are used.
The current trend is natural scaffolding wood and steel. Steel consists of more than 98% of a natural material. The raw material, iron, is one of the most common metals on earth. Steel is not only recyclable, but is also extensively recycled. In such a natural environment with beautiful contrasts you can completely relax.

Ecological design is the trend!

Eco design is now completely in. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in living and we also like natural materials and handmade products! The collection of Incosi consists of many ecologically sound products that fit perfectly in a country style. The ecodesign is characterized by an environmentally friendly product development. The products are made of ecologically sound materials and burden the environment as little as possible. For example, it is often handmade products, recycled material products or old furniture that last for years after a loving refurbishment. Be inspired by the furniture and accessories of Incosi Collections. Each piece not only has a beautiful look and a tasteful design, but also a high quality and affordable price.

To conserve the environment and to keep the costs of Incosi’s articles as low as possible, Incosi sometimes uses used boxes. No unnecessary cutting down trees!

Do you want to see at a glance what the offer of Incosi Collections is? Here you see the entire range of furniture and home accessories.


  • Mulderstraat 21, Well, 5855 CD.
  • +31(0)-475 – 56 21 25
OPENING HOURS: MONDAY – FRIDAY / 9 AM – 5 PM and by appointment at other times and at weekends

Janneke Wijma.

Driving force behind Incosi Collections!

Janneke Wijma, designing for 20 years and  manufacturing furniture, is always been engaged in interior design, architecture, textures and color. Major projects such as total renovations of old houses are no stranger to her, which makes her feel the soul and character of houses.

The interior is refined in such a way that every visitor gets the feeling that he is entering a warm, cozy but above all personal house. She knows how to create an intimate atmosphere with pieces of furniture and home accessories from different countries and from different ages.

Janneke at Incosi

Janneke Wijma