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Interior styles to dream away.....

There are enough interior styles! But your house will only become a home if you feel completely happy there. And no matter how you look at it it, there will always be personal elements of yours to see. And this “home” then really has your style.

But what would you like to call that style, apart from your own? Are you going for rural, industrial or rather vintage?

The 6 interiors that Incosi Collections like so much, give you a clear picture of a particular style. And then there is a seventh interior style, the Incosi style …

Discover them here!

Industrial style

Country style

Basic style

Scandinavian style

Vintage & Retro

Bohemian style

Incosi style

Incosi stijl

Mix & Match!

Industriele halkastThese interior styles also overlap each other, making it easy to combine items of certain styles.

The basic style is close to the Scandinavian style by the use of color and the tidy and minimalistic character. The industrial style can also be seen in the contemporary country style with its sturdy old utensils that are now used as decoration. And in this country style you can also see old building materials that originate in India. The Bohemian style is also partly represented here.

And how about the beautiful vintage and retro pieces you actually encounter everywhere! The Scandinavian style represents beautiful furniture inspired by the 60s and 70s. And of course they are not lacking in the country style, albeit in a sober and more robust style.