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Large antique jug

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Large antique jug, also called a dame-jeanne or wicker-bottle, 65 cm high and 40 cm wide

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Large antique jug, also called a  dame-jeanne or wicker-bottle, which dates from 1850 and is a real asset to your interior!

Such a large jug was a storage bottle for special liquids that, for example, were stored in the dry room. This liquids could be turpentine or hydrochloric acid.

This jug is about special ceramics, pottery, also called glazed stoneware, a very hard type of ceramics baked in 1250 degrees Celsius, so the clay is almost vitrified.

For stoneware you do need special clay that is extracted in the beds of the Rijn and Maas. In the Ardenne around 1900 such heavy ceramics were manufactured by the company of Eugène Losson. He not only produced  such dame-jeanne jugs, but also as chimney pipes and sewer pipes.

This large antique jug is 65 cm high and 40 cm wide. Pay attention to the nice traces of use, a beautiful piece of unique antiques!

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Dimensions40 × 40 × 65 cm