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Bed, bath and table linen are true luxury!

And Incosi loves it! We are proud to sell bed, bath and table linen from Passion for Linen.

Bed linen made of percale cotton or pure linen (flax) is very popular. It feels so good, comfortable and at the same time it is rustic, classic and elegant. In addition, this bedding keeps you nice and warm, leaves the cold outside, absorbs and has anti-allergenic properties.

Bed linen, duvet covers, pillow cases; lots of linen for your bed, Incosi has it!

Table linen

Table linen should not only be practical, but also beautiful! Discover the Passion for Linen table linen when it comes to quality, durability and aesthetics!

This luxurious table linen is very absorbent, soft, comfortable and is allowed to wrinkle because it is linen. It can be combined with any style and offers a lot of fun thanks to its longevity.

From classic to trendy or cool, enjoy the materials and their appearance!

Tablecloths, napkins and table runners offer the range. Enjoy it!!

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