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Large candle holders Grandioso

Large candle holders made of steel; the modular candle holders series Grandioso! The large candlesticks Perfetto, Tredici and Cambiamento are the versions of this series Grandioso.

7 armed candle holders

These candlesticks are derived from a Menorah (a Jewish candlestick with 7 candles) that has been given a modern twist by styling the shape and using laser cut sheet steel. The candlesticks are available in 3 different finishes: clear steel, rust and matt black. Dimensions: 57 cm wide and 59 cm high (without candles).

Standing candle holders

You can choose between a candlestick with 2 arms and 7 candle holders (Perfetto), a candlestick with 4 arms and 13 candle holders (Tredici) or a combination thereof, a candlestick with 4 arms, an extra foot and 13 candle holders (Cambiamento), so that you can always switch in form, depending on the space on the table or other place and the matter.

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