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Old, antique & unique finds!

Old stuff with a story! How nice is it to find something very special that has become rare and what not many others have. How old is it, of whom has it belonged and where was it Incosi Collections often manages to get unique finds.

Often really old and antique pieces with a beautiful story, of which others no longer see the beauty and rich past, are shared with you. From brocante, classic, country style, shabby or vintage, every item eventually finds its place.

Incosi is not an antique shop, but regularly hits very special finds.

Unique finds from Incosi are very special and we share them with you! How nice is it to find something very special that has existed for years or even centuries and may have been forgotten.

Incosi shares with you her special finds and ensures that they are appreciated again. The most beautiful treasures from around the world are offered to you.

A super way to combine old and new, enjoy a bygone era.
Quickly look and be there on time, there is often only one of them …

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