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The Basic style

Black / white may seem a bit cold, but decorated with the right accessories and with the use of wood accents it will surely become a cozy whole! For those who like to keep a tidy and airy whole, the basic style is recommended.

Cast Magnolia arm chair

Combine it (grouped or not) with some old and personal items, such as photos or memories on a shelf!

Set of 3 plant pillars
Beautiful you!

The basic style, known for its simplicity, light colors and often white with a bit of black as a base. Nowadays, more and more industrial and Scandinavian characteristics can be found here.

Tight steel bases for tables and chairs, lamps and accessories. However, the light character remains. A light base is therefore easy to supplement with furniture and accessories from other styles. Make it personal!


Table lamp Nero large and small black

basic style

Use different textures to keep it exciting. Combine hard materials with soft, like steel with wool, to name just two extremes ….

Also change regularly with your accessories! Do not forget, for example, that a lamp shade is very easy to change and does not have to be such a big expense.

Do you want to make it a bit more exciting? Add some shiny objects!