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The Bohemian style

Show where you’ve been in the world or what you dream of! Create your own mix of Bohemian with country, basic or industrial. Really, it is possible! Just do it!

The Bohemian style is colorful and eclectic and takes you to warm places. Your interior goes on a world trip to India, Morocco and Ibiza, where a lot of color and structure is used.

Rich fabrics, gold and copper, rattan and teak are commonly used materials. Combine it with trendy tribal items and you’re totally hip!

Bohemian carpet made of cotton 180 x 120 cm natural blue

But what do you think about Macramé? Or stools with fur? All inspired by earlier times. And it remains fun!

But you don’t have to go “over the top” in the Bohemian style. The Bohemian style can also stand for peace and wellness. As if you imagine yourself on a tropical island! Use some clustered elements and mix it with your existing interior.

Goat skin stool
Oriental table lamp Arabesque colors

Be amazed by the Bohemian style, where everything actually comes together.

Use natural materials combined with plants, special pieces with beautiful memories.

The Bohemian style also has many Vintage influences, simply because a lot of old furniture in the color scheme and materials also date from that time! Think of the rattan chairs that are still popular today.

Mix materials and styles to your own wishes! So use items from different cultures and structures. Dream away in oriental spheres and enjoy as much as you can!

Bohemian style