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The country style

The country style is a style with character. Furniture and home accessories with history are in this interior style.

Rural furniture and accessories often have a calm appearance, are made of natural materials and have earthy colors. Calmness, soft, cozy and yet a tad tough! Much use is made of wood, flowers and plants such as wreaths and furniture that have lasted many years but are still beautiful.

Nowadays you also see more and more weathered furniture and accessories from India that give the tough country style a bohemian twist. Or furs and baskets, also mostly from Asia.

Whether you like brocante, classic or the sturdy country style, as long as you use personal elements that really have meaning, you make it really yours. Group small accessories and use some statement pieces!

In the country style is often looked at the French countryside, and many furnishings are also antique and flea market finds or inspired them. A simple lifestyle with a lot of warmth and cosiness, but with the comfort of today.

In the sense of calm and space, natural materials such as wood, stone and chalk belongs to it. This is reflected in the furniture and floors, but also in the rustic walls with, for example, chalk paint. This lime can also be traced back to the former country life. The furniture was painted with chalk (lime) to prevent wood rot. The antibacterial aspect of lime paint was also very useful!

Pocket watch clock Remy large rough nickel
Wicker box with lid 'Hampton Hill' white finish
Dressboy - white side