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The Incosi Style

The Incosi style is one of contrasts!Both in shape, style, texture and color. Warm and cozy for the living room, quiet and sober for example in the bedroom. But it is mainly a mix of styles that you feel most comfortable with. What about interior styles! Create your own style!

That does not mean of course that you have to stuff your house with old stuff, it can be combined very nicely with new and contemporary items. Old meets new!

Incosi VTWonen 2018

What is also fun to do is re-cycling or upcycling! Making something completely different from something old or making it much nicer and better (pimping). Like this nice bench that was once a 19th century farmer’s bed.


And how cool is it when you come across an age-old item and place it in this time? The large candlesticks Grandioso are a good example of this. Inspired by a very old Menorah and now executed in steel!

Make sure your home tells a story, and have YOUR story! Make use of furniture and accessories with memories, such as the old table of grandmother that you always liked, or a box that you know the origin and age of.

Oma's antieke tafeltje

Especially the love for old styles belongs to Incosi. From Rococo or Jugendstil to Vintage, every movement has its own style characteristics and associated materials. So clever how they used could make such beautiful things without the tools we have now!

Do you not succeed and do you want to chat about your interior? Then contact WhatsHome, the WhatsApp service of Incosi Collections.

Send photos and ask questions, receive free, fast and fun interior advice.

Vakkenkast staal met hout zijA new industrial cabinet can be very nicely decorated with old accessories, eg under a dome.


Tramp Art Cross

The combination of old items with modern materials provide an interesting tension in your interior. A big old cross next to steel or shiny modern lamps, which are inspired by factory lamps? Everything is possible and allowed, as long as you like it.

Feel free to combine different styles with the Incosi style. Try to repeat some colors or colors in furniture or accessories or put them together in color to keep it calm.

Use dark colors for cosiness or a touch of drama, and light colors for a fresh and airy whole. Are you tired of it? Then grab the brush or roller!

A single exception in color as eye catcher is always allowed!

Old and new Incosi Style