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The Scandinavian style

Do you like light, space and wooden details, then you’re all right with the Scandinavian style! This beautiful style often combines pastel colors with retro furniture, furniture inspired by vintage design classics.

With white or light gray as the basis, supplemented with wooden elements that mainly come back in the furniture, you make it a warm whole. Don’t you like the brown furniture? Give them a coat of paint or buy painted furniture, again in pastel with white.

Rugs are also popular in the Scandinavian style. Nothing more annoying than cold feet in a cold climate, but they also bring a lot of cosiness.

Let beautiful geometric patterns also come back in your accessories, such as your rug, wallpaper or pillows. That makes it a more exciting and interesting whole.

Scandinavian table lamp Woody off white

Accessories should not be lacking in the Scandinavian interior style. However, make sure that the serenity remains! Work with natural materials and keep it tidy.

Also in this style the industrial style is always present, albeit in the form of airy furniture.


Scandinavian design desk

Large lampshade Ambienta drum 50 cm pinkFind your accessories in the pastel colors, white, gray and a tuft of black for the somewhat tougher and industrial style.

Combine functionally with different textures to get a warm whole. Of course, your own treasures with history are present!