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Vintage & Retro

Vintage lamp

Vintage and retro are more wanted than ever before in interior country! It is also one of the most combined styles. Almost everyone has an item that is inspired by vintage time!

And that makes sense, because the vintage style goes from the 50s to the early 80s. Now many items are said to be vintage, if only because it is popular, but many contemporary things that are now called vintage are actually retro …. In other words, retro are modern things that, with regard to color and style, are based on the vintage style.

Velours-dining room chairs-ivy-gold

Especially in the interior industry we like to look back at design classics from those years. And whether it is furniture or home accessories, it remains an infinite source of inspiration that you would like to get back to.

Especially the Scandinavian style has many style features of vintage time. Many forms and materials come back in that style, making it easy to confuse retro and Scandinavian. The industrial style that we now like to see is also grasping back to vintage. But an industrial item can easily be vintage and vice versa!


Retro coffee table gray concrete look


And anyone who likes color will probably also appreciate the Vintage & Retro style. Lots of color and typical structures, such as rib-velours or polyester in flowers or graphic prints. These prints and flowers are now less on the furniture, but the colors and structures do!

Vintage board
Dining room chairs Max red-brown

Do you like Vintage or Retro, also think about the industrial or country style! This style is so diverse that you can easily give your favorite items a prominent place in these styles!